#MSCOVID19: round-2 a series of webinars

I would like to say thank you, thank you and thank you for your kind donations towards the Barts-MS coronavirus antibody study. With gift aid, we have now passed the £10,000 milestone and will be able to start the first phase of the study. This is great news. To raise the additional money I won’t be running a double-marathon, but we have taken up your suggestion of hosting a series of...

#MSCOVID19: one microdonation at a time

Thank you for being such kind and generous supporters for our Barts-MS COVID-19 antibody study. It is clear that Prof G running the virtual NYC marathon this weekend, or next, depending on the weather, is not going to get us to the finish line. Therefore, we are going to take your advice and launch Barts-MS webinars. The webinar idea was suggested by one of you in the comments when we launched...

#MSCOVID19: digital health – what will survive?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★ I am doing a webinar with Professor Tjalf Ziemssen, a good friend and colleague from Dresden, Germany, this afternoon on the digital management of MS. Interestingly, many of the changes and innovations we have put in place to manage MS during the COVID-19 pandemic will survive and actually thrive in the new NHS, simply because we are a socialist healthcare...

#MSCOVID19 webinar have you registered?

This week I am participating in a debate on how to manage patients with MS on DMTs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than a didactic lecture, I am going to debate several issues with Dr Kerstin Hellwig in relation to two case scenarios (see below), which will highlight the evolving complexities of how to manage MS during these troubling times. If you haven’t registered yet please do so...

East Africa and MS

COVID-19 impact has extended to East Africa. Instead of a face-to-face meeting, the East African Neurologists have moved their CPD (continuing professional development) online in the form or regular webinars. In the past, I would probably have had to travel to East Africa to give a guest lecture at their annual meeting. Post-COVID-19 I can now do this online, which is a much cheaper and greener...

#MSCOVID19: Lymphopaenia

I am giving an MS Academy masterclass webinar today on the topic of lymphopaenia and its relevance to managing MS during the COVID-19 pandemic. My talk goes back to basics and tries to explain how the normal range and WHO grading system came about and includes the important topic of immunosenescence. You are welcome to sign-up for the webinar. If you can’t manage to log-on to the live...

#MSCOVID19: MS Academy Q&A session

If you are an HCP battling to manage MS remotely under the COVID-19 lockdown, or you have any specific problems that you need help with, please don’t hesitate to register for tomorrow’s Q&A session. The feedback we have been getting about these webinars has been amazing.

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#MSCOVID19 Webinars

Calling all HCPs who want to learn about managing MS during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please register for the following webinars via the MS Academy website. We plan to run a series of these over the coming weeks and months. The next one is on managing highly active and rapidly evolving severe MS in the current environment.

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#COVIDMS Managing MS remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

We had to postpone one of our MS Academy foundation courses this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, we are doing a series of webinars. The first one was held yesterday morning with an overview of COVID-19 and how it is forcing us to be creative in managing MS over the next few weeks and months. The following is my presentation and you can download the slides from my DIY-SlideShare...



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