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The Think Hand project is a social media campaign (#ThinkHand) which aims to challenge perceptions about what is important for multiple sclerosis patients – and also bring about changes in drug trials.

At the moment nearly all MS trials measure a treatment’s ability to preserve lower limb mobility and function. However, it is upper limb function that enables patients to stay independent and preserves quality of life.

We want new trials to focus on outcomes based on upper limb function, especially for patients with advanced MS, who are excluded from treatment under the NHS in the UK.

Patients and doctors behind the #ThinkHand campaign say the current approach has several unintended consequences – most notably that health systems such as the NHS withdraw access to disease modifying drugs once patients start to use a wheelchair full-time.

#ThinkHand aims to raise awareness in regulators, the pharma industry, the NHS, and the public about the importance of maintaining upper limb function – and the impact that losing it has on patients’ quality of life.

We are conducting the world’s first study where the primary outcome is the 9 hole peg test. This is a huge step forward for #ThinkHand. Read about the study.

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